CAD-based electrical equipment design support program


D&D is electrical equipment design support program, which providing extensive symbol data and functions about drawing, editing functions needed on the electrical installation design drawings.
Simple icon-based way can minimize errors caused by repetitive task and working time also.




Rapid responding refer to frequent design revisions is possible
Situational data stored in each symbol can make the design suitable for a wide range of equipment types.
Data that is written and designed at the same time are out of simple construction, it is easy to calculate detailed data construction of the progression.

Wide DB range
by equipment types
Provision of extensive type of symbol data required for electrical design
① Power equipment      ② Telecommunications equipment     
③ Electrical fire extinguishing equipment
Various type of symbol data is available.
Easy drawing / editing
Intuitive user interface
Line drawing function find a point of connection of each Equipment mechanism automatically.
Provide drawing features such as Cable trays/ Ducts Lighting/ Booth duct/ Race way/ High-Tech.
Auto-assigning of
base data
Assign base data stored in each symbol automatically
Instruments and equipment types of wiring/ FHM/ installation height/ installation method such as drawing automatically based on the input data when writing
Illuminance / Power load
Minimize the errors by repetitive hand works
① Illuminance calculations: Calculate the illuminance based on a wide variety of facilities and area information according to the type of room lighting.
Luminaire output quantity is also available through the illumination design.

② Load Calculation: The distributor track circuit connected to the load to be calculated automatically calculate the quantity of each load circuit and symbols.

* Automatically calculate and enter the necessary data to the main trunk volume , based on the calculated loads.

Optimazation for field work
Rapid responding refer to Frequent design revisions and site conditions
Easy drawing and editing with an intuitive user interface.
① Range from design planning design / basic design to be applied
② Exact quantity calculating function for easy invoice and / Quote seats filled.

Provision of electrical equipment design data
Making of easy drawing environment with provision of type of electrical equipment installation DB.
(Power equipment/ Telecommunications equipment/ Electrical fire extinguishing equipment)


Easy CAD-based drawing, editing functions
With automatic line connection function between the electrical equipment symbol data, previewed drawing, editing features can make easy design environment.


Illuminance calculations / Power load calculations
Out of existing simple construction drawings, D&D provide a more accurate design environment through the simulation of Illuminance &load calculations with numeric calculation functionality of the site at the same time.


Quotation & Quantity calculating function
The exact quantity calculating function for easy invoice and / Quote seats filled.(Excel format extraction)