Integrated Plant System Package publish/ Management solution


SPacK quickly and easily creates a variety of system packages for commissioning. Integration with the Piping Work Inspection Management Program (PWIM) allows you to narrow the gap between the field and the office. You can review packages and Q / A by reflecting the site's situation and improve data accuracy.



Features of Spark
SPacK is a quick and easy package creation / management solution.
Auto-Package creation
System / Hydro Test / Flushing / Leak Test / N2 Purge Package creation
① System Package        ② Hydro Package     
③ Flushing Package      ④ Leak, N2 Purge Package
Basic Data Exporting
Real-time Mark-up data exporting / Excel format
① Line data from package     ② Equipment data      ③ Instrument data
PDF Publication
Export Marked up Drawing data to PDF Format
① Combined PDF (1 P&ID shows all PKG)
② Individual PDF (P&ID Shows 1 PKG)
User Customizing Environment
Management of Piping ISO Welding Map drawing(Weldy)
Data connection with PWIM ( Piping Work Inspection Management system)

project history

EPC Company System Project Period
A Company SPacK STAR Refinery Project May. 2013 ∼ Aug. 2017
SPacK NSRP Project Jul. 2013 ∼ Nov. 2016
SPacK Karbala Project Feb. 2014 ∼ Oct. 2018

Auto-Package Creation
Create package a variety of plant fields and generate database.
Fast & accurate response to frequent data revision and change of field situation.


Data Exporting & Management
Tag numbers and package informations of Item Marked up with P&ID Package are stored Database server in realtime process. User can convert the data to Excel Format.

SPacK Guidance Video
SPacK Guidance (1) Convert & Regist


SPacK Guidance (2) System MarkUp


SPacK Guidance (3) HT PKG MarkUp


SPacK Guidance (4) Flushing MarkUp


SPacK Guidance (5) Revision