Welding Map Drawing and management Solution


Weldy is a solution for welding map creation and welding data management. Weldy can work immediately upon receiving the engineering ISO. Automate the extraction of weld information and weld mapping to quickly create drawings and manage information with fewer people.
All welding information generated by Weldy is linked with PWIM for welding inspection management system, ensuring continuity and accuracy of data and realizing efficient construction management.




Functions of Weldy
Weldy automatically extracts weld joint information and material information from Engineering ISO drawings, so you can perform weld mapping immediately without entering any information manually.
welding map 

Improting of
ISO Drawing data
Cooperation with existing customer's management program.
① Construction Data      ② Isometric BOM      ③ Joint List      ④ Spool List
⑤ Spool BOM List      ⑥ PDF format (Isometric Drawing , Welding Map / Spool Drawing)
Welding Map
Creation of Welding Map Drawing
① Welding Joint      ② Bolting      ③ Supporting
ISO Drawing
Welding Map Drawing File management
Creation of PDF format
Management of ISO BOM History / Summary with ISO Revision status.
① Multi window Comparing available(revision before/after status)    
② Management of cost about BOM Summary
Data interfacing
Visualization of welding joint status on real-time.
Display Welding status [Welded / NDE / Not Welded]

Project history

EPC Company System Project Period
A Company Weldy / PWIM Plant Piping Construction Management System Mar. 2013 ∼ Sept. 2013
Weldy / PWIM Plant” PWMS”, “WCPS” System Function Improvement Project Oct. 2014 ∼ Dec. 2014
B Company Weldy Piping Spool Drawing Automation System Oct. 2012 ∼ Dec. 2012
C Company Weldy / PWIM Plant Piping Construction Integration System Aug. 2013 ∼ Dec. 2013
Weldy / PWIM PSFD(Piping Spool Fabrication Drawing)개발 Jan.2015 ~Mar. 2015
D Company PWIM PWIM (Piping Work Inspection Management) System Oct. 2013 ∼ Dec. 2015
Weldy Welding Map System July. 2014 ∼ Jul. 2014
E Company Weldy Piping Integration Managing System Development Jun. 2012 ∼ Dec. 2013
Weldy 1st. Upgrade of PCMS Function Project Jul. 2013 ∼ Dec. 2013
Weldy 2nd. Upgrade of PCMS Function Project Apr. 2014 ∼ Sept. 2014

Exporting ISO drawing data
Exporting and automatic information assigning of the 3-Dimensional engineering data from PDS / PDMS / SP3D / existing management solutions.
weld data


Drawing Welding Map / Status Management
Drawing Welding/ Bolting/ Support Joint map to ISO. Cooperation with PWIM, Welding status about joint and inspection work process can be visualized.
weld status


Comparing Revision data using Multi window function
Using divided multi window can compare the data revision status. All of pre-existing data (joint No. / Spool no. etc. of Before ISO) can be attached to revision data. Both revised BOM data and existing data can be managed by Weldy together.
revision data

Weldy Guidance Video
Weldy Guidance (1) Iso Drawing Registration


Weldy Guidance (2) Joint Numbering


Weldy Guidance (3) Revision


Weldy Guidance (4) Spool Separation