Plant Piping work Inspection Management solution


PWIM is the solution managing the piping work process efficiently.
This is one of plant piping work data management solution with SPacK, Weldy.(Consisting of PAMS [Piping Automatic Management System]) Main features of PWIM are Piping Data Management, Welding Log management, Inspection, Test Package, Report. Because each process has multiple Accept/Rollback confirm function, process will be confirmed strictly and safely. Improved accuracy of data management minimalize the human error from repetitive tasks.




Functions of PWIM
PWIM is able to efficiently manage the work and monitoring by reflecting the progress of piping work in real time.
Data Connection
Auto-data assign function
Weldy Online Export Data connection
① Construction Data      ② Isometric BOM      ③ Joint List     
④ Spool List      ⑤ Spool BOM List      ⑥ PDF file (E-drawing)
Step Process based
data management
[Request & Confirm] Double Check Function
Data management of Request & Confirm / Rollback & Accept method for each steps. Not exsisting log based method
process monitoring
Variable Summary / Status function
① Summary: Viewing of progress status      ② Status: Viewing of Process each Stpes and its status.
Variable Report template
Provide data-based report template
Report template Customizing / Excel, Word, PDF Format Exporting
Suitable for field worker
Field Environment Customizing
Function customizing regarding to field's requirement.
Strict authority
Authorization about each of function / Drawing / Read / Write
① Authorization of Read/Write in each menus.
② ISO Authorization of Co-work company by using ISO Privilege function.
③ Newly required Function Customizing available.
Easy User Interface
Data Filtering, Sorting, Grouping
① Variable search condition can make data management more easily.
   (fast data access/ multiple data work)
② Excel Data Import / Export

Project history

EPC Company System Project Period
A Company PWIM / Weldy Plant Piping Construction Management System Mar. 2013 ∼ Sept. 2013
PWIM / Weldy Plant” PWMS”, “WCPS” System Function Improvement Project Oct. 2014 ∼ Dec. 2014
C Company PWIM / Weldy Plant Piping Construction Integration System Aug. 2013 ∼ Dec. 2013
D Company PWIM PWIM (Piping Work Inspection Management) System Oct. 2013 ∼ Dec. 2015

Automated-connection of Piping Work Data
Through DB Server, Exported Piping work drawing data & BOM List from Weldy is assigned to PWIM automatically. 


Double Check System on each steps
Not the existing Log based system, double check system of each phase and strict authority management minimalize defection rate.


Variety of report templates
PWIM provide Variable report template suitable for field situation & free column customizing function.